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  • Health
  • Agriculture/Human Empowerment
  • Peace, Gender, Human Rights and Good Governance
  • E-wash


  • Advocacy – CLHEI speaks, and solicit for a just course as an idea, policy, and active support.” an action that aims to change laws, policies, practices and attitudes.
  • Capacity Building– a conceptual approach to development that focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, communities, and non-governmental organizations from realizing their developmental goals while enhancing the abilities that will allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.
  • Community Mobilization – an attempt to bring both human and non-human resources together to undertake developmental activities in order to achieve sustainable development,  through which action is stimulated by a community itself, or by others, that is planned, carried out, and evaluated by a community’s individuals, groups, and organizations on a participatory and sustained basis to improve the health, hygiene and education levels so as to enhance the overall standard of living in the community, and to provide an avenue for everyone to participate in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Sensitization programmes – CLHEI engages in an associative learning, immediate notice and comment, judgment and reaction to issues and behavior which may be a deviation from the norms, in addition to information sharing.
  • Resource mobilization – CLHEI generates resources to support or pay for the goods and services used in the production and delivery of services. CLHEI initiative as a non-profit making, nongovernmental and non-political organization mobilizes her resources using the following strategies:
    • Internally generated through prudent managerial savings from grants, shows, staff remittance from travel and consultancy;
    • Proposal writings
    • Private donations

CLHEI helps her communities in resource mobilization through trainings and workshops

  • Seminars – a form of academic and information sharing, offered by professionals, to bring together small groups, focusing each time on some particular subject, in which everyone present is requested to actively participate. This is often accomplished through an ongoing dialogue with the facilitator, or through a more formal presentation.
  • Networking and Collaborating – a Socio-economic activity by which CLHEI identify people of like-mission organizations recognize, create, and act upon identified gap to complement activities, working together to achieve a goal.