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Community links and human empowerment initiative on Tuesday 30th April 2019 lead a team of 12 IDP representatives from 6 IDP camps across the state to visit the secretary, Benue State Emergency Management Agency Mr. Emmanuel Shior to advocate for the return of Internally Displaced Persons back to their homelands.

Mr. Philip Usartse who spoke on behalf of the IDPs started that they were tired of living in the camp due to the hardships they encounter in getting food stuffs, their children have been out of school for too long, no economic activity, lack of privacy and so many other inconveniences that have made them come to him, they were thereby using the already existing platform of the GOTV campaign which was sponsored by NDI through CLHEI so that he can take their message to the governor, appreciating the efforts of the government so far in providing some of their basic needs.

The Executive Secretary SEMA appreciated their visit and assured the IDPs of his support of their advocacy to return back to their ancestral homes and will keep talking about the IDPs until the much needed attention is given to them because they have ever stayed in the camps. He assured them that he will relay their message back to the governor to assist in any way possible for them to go back home in safety and freedom. He further commended CLHEI for the tireless efforts in supporting and attending to the needs of the IDPs and sustaining the GOTV platform long after the elections to present pressing issues regarding the Internally Displaced Persons before relevant stakeholders in the state and beyond

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