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  • November 2010, Capacity building of 105 Bee farmers on new models in Bee Keeping in Ikyogen, Kwande LGA.
  • December 2011, CLHEI in collaboration with Nigeria Export Promotion Council [NEPC] trained Orange Farmers across Benue state on “Prevention of Citrus Tree Infestation and best practices in planting, handling and preservation of citrus and citrus packaging for local & export markets.
  • November, 2013, trained 40 women in Ihugh, vandeikya LGA on practical skills in poultry farming.
  • July 2014 .trained youths under CLHEI on Youths in Agriculture to aquire skills in Fishery and Food processing.
  • Participation in the World AIDS Day– 2014
  • Free HIV Counseling and Testing in Kwenkev village Kaambe ward of Guma L.G.A.- Mar 2nd 2014
  • HIV Counseling and Testing for Community Members of Mbawen area of Adikpo town in Kwande L.G.A. – Mar 21th 2014
  • In house training on project management circle at CLHEI office – May 31th 2014
  • Free HIV Counseling And Testing outreach in Taarghar area of Utange ward in Ushongo L.G.A. – April 15th 2014
  • HIV Counseling and Testing for Communities of Aliade Gwer West LGA, Utange Ushongo LGA of Benue State. – April 26th 2014
  • A three day workshop on increase involvement CSOs leader and good governance at CRUDAN conference hall – August 2014
  • A Three-day Workshop on Bead design and Mentorship – Aug 18th to 20th 2014.
  • HIV Testing and Counseling outreach held in Methodist High School Makurdi – Oct 31th 2014
  • Free HIV Counseling and Testing in Methodist High school Oct 31th 2014
  • Participation in a one day celebration of world AIDS day (IBB Square) – Dec 1st 2014



  • Christmas Kitchen held with Ihugh widows – Dec 6th 2014
  • Christmas Kitchen held with Makurdi widows – Dec 17th 2014
  • January 2015,   Prevention and Impact Mitigation on HIV/AIDS among Internally Displaced Persons in Host Communities of    Adamawa, Yobe and Bauchi States.  supported by Sure P/NACA
  • One day training on HIV Counseling and Testing at Community Links Office. – Feb 18th 2015
  • Participation in World Mental Health Day. – Oct 10th 2015
  • April 15, 2015. Paper presentation on The Role of Women in Peace/Conflict Management in Nigeria at a workshop supported by United Nations High Commission for Refugees [UNHCR].
  • July 2015, CLHEI participated in an outreach in Mbaduku, Vandiekia LGA and carried out HIV testing and counseling among community members. 68 community members were reached with HCT.