Vision & Mission

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Linking Communities-Changing Lives”

A self-reliant society where individuals and groups explore their inner resources with the aim of realizing their full potentials.

To work with the underprivileged, helping them to maximize their potentials and self-reliance.

To improve the well being of the vulnerable people in the communities through innovation and inclusive participation of stakeholders


1. To empower rural communities towards self-help and 
development, linking them to opportunities in areas of 
agriculture, good governance, and human development.

2. To advocate for the provision of quality health care to 
rural communities in Nigeria and help fight the scourge of 
HIV/AIDS, reduce vulnerability in malaria, Tuberculosis, and 
other public health challenges.

3. To encourage people especially women and youths, improve 
on indigenous technology and increase productivity.

4. To increase Community participation in promoting a 
peaceful society devoid of gender and other human rights 

5. To work in achieving Community Led Environment, Water, 
Sanitation and Hygiene (E-WASH) best practices.

6. To work closely with other non-governmental organizations,
governmental organizations, and other civil society groups to
advance development in our society.

7. Rapid, dignified and efficient humanitarian aid during emergencies.